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Why I'm Running

I am here to listen.


As a volunteer community organizer, I have had countless phone calls and face-to-face conversations with my neighbors in Snoqualmie to learn what issues they care about most. If elected, I am committed to being accessible and accountable to my constituents.


As a Legislative Assistant with the Washington State Senate, I have helped individuals and families access assistance in a time of historic crisis. Over the past few years, I have helped small business owners access support and unemployed workers navigate the complex unemployment insurance system. Even local government is not always easy to navigate. My experience translating complicated policy into accessible language means that I can help ensure that the residents of Snoqualmie stay informed of Council actions. 


I am a collaborative problem solver.


I have had a front row seat to policymaking and changes that affect Snoqualmie. I am ready to make sure that Snoqualmie makes the best use of the tools at its disposal to efficiently address issues related to housing affordability, multi-modal transportation, and caring for the environment. I am excited to get to work. I would be honored to earn your vote.

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